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Dirt biking in Kahuku

March 9, 2010

Chris getting some air at the Kahuku Motocross Track

While I’m not a dirt biker myself, my friend Chris is a dirt bike-o-holic.  My ex Brian’s dad would head to the track on the weekends, and whenever Chris has a weekend free, he heads to the hills too. I still have a lot to learn about this “sport,” but what they both tell me about dirt biking actually makes me want to don my own suit, helmet, and gloves and hit the Kahuku Motocross Track soon.

On the weekends Kahuku Motocross Track is crowded with high flying daredevils racing the natural terrain.  With over 400 acres of hilly red dirt, over 50 trails, and tons of man-made tabletops, slopes and jumps, the track seems fit for all skill levels.  There’s even a a Peewee track for bike-tikes.

The Kahuku Track is only open on weekends and federal holidays.  Race days bring spectators and good friendly fun.  I hope to make it up there some day — maybe see it for myself or race around.

For more info on the Kahuku Motocross Track, check out this website.

Photo courtesy of Tony Strollo (Facebook)

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