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Surf Breaks from Kahala to Hawaii Kai

March 23, 2010

Photo courtesy of ground*floor (Flickr)

The winds were dead from Sunday afternoon through today and I caught some epic waves along Aina Haina’s shores yesterday and this morning.  Very rarely do the waves along the southeast coast of Oahu get good, but this morning in particular I felt like I was in a bathtub rather than the ocean.  It was a beautiful thing.

So as not to give too much away, there are a few launching pads if you’re interested in surfing the breaks between Kahala and Hawaii Kai.

  • The first parking lot is in the beach park before Wailupe Circle.  If you paddle straight out from there you’ll be close to the breaks called Kim’s, Wailupe, and Boneyards.
  • The second lot is a dirt patch right before the Aina Haina Shopping Center.  Walk behind the houses along a grassy/dirt path and paddle out to Aina Hainas break.
  • Drive a little farther toward Hawaii Kai and park at the foot of Pu’u Ikena Drive.  Straight in front of the beach park are Secrets and Toes.
  • If you go even farther toward Hawaii Kai and Portlock you’ll find Paiko’s, Turtles, and China Walls.

Kona winds are sometimes perfect for surfing this side of the island, but it’s kind of hit or miss.  Sometimes, you’re best off just driving up one of the hills (like Waialae Iki) to scope out the conditions.

Hope you all enjoy the fine surf this week!

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